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  • Good People Prefer To Be Accountable ….. Michael Edwardes

    Have you ever had that leader that needed permission to make decisions, that leader who always has to ask you to get things done and has a tone of excuses for why things aren’t getting done? Leaders like this don’t… Read More ›

  • Witty

    via Daily Prompt: Witty Witty is the person who goes through life maintaining his or her standards while constantly thinking about how to give to others. At work, this person maintains work responsibilities while thinking about helping others. More work… Read More ›

  • Fine Words Butter No Parsnips ….. John Clarke

    There is often a gap between the truth and the standard. This gap can be above the standard which is great if it’s a sales number but not good if it’s a cost number. The gap could be below budget… Read More ›

  • For It Is In Giving That We Receive ….. St. Francis of Assisi

    In business as in life, we deal with two kinds of people. One kind is the person/employee that asks what you, others, or the company is doing for them. The other kind of person/employee thinks about what they can do… Read More ›

  • When We Blame, We Give Away Our Power ….. Greg Anderson

    When a company fails to deliver the brand, it’s often times not the fault of the employees! That’s right, the employees who screwed up your experience are not to blame…..most times. It’s like an automobile. The automobile represents the “brand”…. Read More ›

  • Ah How Difficult To Find A General ….. Chinese Proverb

    Leading skills are when managers influence the work of employees around them. Managers with good leading skills become good leaders. Good leaders can influence a great number of people’s work. In fact, the more people a manager can influence, the… Read More ›