Ah How Difficult To Find A General ….. Chinese Proverb

Leading skills are when managers influence the work of employees around them. Managers with good leading skills become good leaders. Good leaders can influence a great number of people’s work. In fact, the more people a manager can influence, the higher up the management chain they will be promoted. Shift managers can influence a few people’s work. Assistant managers can influence 20-50 people’s work. General managers can influence 50-100 people’s work. It keeps going until presidents and CEO’s influence thousands of people’s work behaviors. The characteristics and skills used by good leaders inspire others to perform. People follow the leaders and WANT to perform well. Here are some characteristics and skills used by good leaders.

leaders 1

  • Good leaders use confidence. The confidence can look like they believe in their decisions but can also look like a manager believes in their staff.
  • Good leaders are courageous and defend company standards. Leaders protect the staff and the goals of the company when others bash them. This trait is courageous because it causes criticism from weaker players whose interest is elsewhere.
  • Good leaders sell company standards well. Convincing the staff why standards and goals are useful. Leaders know what the staff want to hear and merchandise standards in a way that will benefit the company and the staff together.
  • Good leaders use different types of power well but mostly achieve results through referent power. Referent power is when you influence others work because they respect and admire you. Referent power is earned through sincerity, consistency, loyalty, and admiration.
  • Good leaders have unparalleled honesty and integrity. Through consistency, staff members never question direction or think a good leader has an ulterior motive. Good leaders give accurate positive and corrective feedback as well to let staff know where they stand with their work. Leaders don’t use sarcasm either. Sarcasm confuses staff because it involves using words that mean the opposite of what is meant in an insulting effort.
  • Good leaders care about results, dislike failure and celebrate success with the team. In fact, good leaders give the credit to the team for the success of the whole.
  • Good leaders don’t embarrass. Leaders don’t yell in front of others or belittle employees who care and try to achieve results. The state of feeling foolish causes staff members to be distracted  with their thoughts which leads to failed work behaviors, resentment, or more.


Can you add to the list of what good leadership looks like?


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