Good People Prefer To Be Accountable ….. Michael Edwardes

Leading, management, management philosophy

Have you ever had that leader that needed permission to make decisions, that leader who always has to ask you to get things done and has a tone of excuses for why things aren’t getting done?


Leaders like this don’t want accountability. They want everything that happens to be the fault and the blame of somebody else when it goes wrong. How can the leader be at fault? If they ask for permission from somebody else then someone else is to blame when things go wrong.


Leaders like this relinquish power. When a leader relinquish power they lose leadership power with their employees. Few people follow indecisive leaders.

Don’t let leaders off the hook when it comes to making decisions and being accountable. When a leader’s decisions create good things the leader benefits and gets credit for that. Also, when the leader’s decisions cause problems they get the blame which they can learn from. When leaders take control the employees tend to follow.


In the end, a leader who practices accountability on a regular basis will feel better about his or her job status and job performance because they will know where they stand based on their decisions.


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