Here Is A List Of The Elements Of The Approach

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The high jump approach is between 90-95% of the jump. Almost all of what a jumper needs to do to clear the bar happens in the approach. Once a jumper is air-born, they become a projectile and there is little to do to change the trajectory.

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Here is a list of the elements of the approach:

  • Mental Preparation
  • Getting Rhythm
  • Starting the Straightaway
  • Approach Speed
  • Running Tall
  • Using Great Wheels
  • Starting the Curve
  • Leaning into the Curve
  • Penultimate Step
  • Ultimate Step
  • Foot Plant Angle
  • Body Position at Foot plant
  • Foot Plant Position
  • Dorsi-Flex
  • Blocking
  • Leaning Back

Most of a jumpers work lies in the elements of the approach listed above. Master this list and you’re nearly home free!


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