A Jumper Begins Getting Ready To Start By Imagining And Visualizing The Entire Jump

Before moving into the starting routine, a jumper begins getting ready to start by imagining and visualizing the entire jump in his or her mind a few feet before the start of the straightaway.

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“Visualization is similar to daydreaming. In both processes you create imaginary mental images, but the difference between visualization and daydreaming is intent. Daydreaming allows your mind to wander at will, but when you visualize and focus on something specific you are putting intention behind it. It is the intention that creates the energy that creates the attraction. The attraction starts the action that produces the manifestation” (http://regeneratemagazine.com/2014/04/envisioning-success-the-power-of-visualization/).

When a jumper sees the exact sequence of the straightaway, the foot placement, the speed, the lean, the plant, the block, the takeoff, the bar clearance, and the landing, chances are they will be performed the same in the actual jump.

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A noted PHD discovered Olympic athletes fire the same muscles when visualizing and when actually performing; the mind cannot distinguish between reality and practice so the visualization helps the muscles fall into place in reality (http://regeneratemagazine.com/2014/04/envisioning-success-the-power-of-visualization/).

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As a jumper stands at the starting line of his or her approach, they get ready to start by getting their muscles and mind conditioned to do what they want. Visualizing the entire jump with determined concentration helps the jumper perform as expected with no surprises.


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