Every Jumper Needs To Go Through A Funny Waggle In Order To Get Going Into The Approach

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Every jumper needs to go through a funny waggle in order to get going into the approach. This happens after the jumper visualizes the jump and before the jumper begins the straightaway part of the “J”. The waggle is similar to the waggle that happens before a golf swing.

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The waggle can have many different forms and funny movements but its purpose is to establish rhythm and ease tension before the jumper starts the straightaway.

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Olympic Champion Derek Drouin walks calmly into his mark to start the straightaway.

World Champion Marya Kuchina leans backward heavily and starts her straightaway.

I’ve also seen other jumpers pretend to catch bouncing balls before their start.

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Tom Watson, world-famous golfing legend says “having a waggle before you start is important to avoid tension and establish good rhythm” (https://www.golfdigest.com/story/tom-watson-waggle).

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Every jumper should do the funny waggle in order to get his or her rhythm correct and to eliminate tension. The waggle is fun to watch but ultimately critical to the jumpers consistent approach starts.


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