Track Spikes

Track Spikes: shoes that help you jump higher….

Track Spikes: Which Shoe Is Your Favorite?

ASICS Men’s High Jump Pro.

This shoe looks like the real deal. Furthermore, I like how it has a small, thin, strap over the laces. So many track spikes these days have the big floppy strap. A big strap looks like more fabric to get over the bar. Particularly, this shoe is only one color scheme so you can’t match your school colors. You also get two shoes but it only markets the left shoe for jumping; confusing? Reviews are positive with the usual inconsistent notes. Shoe weight is 8.7oz and cost is around $120 for a new pair.

Track Spikes

Adidas Adizero HJ.

This is an interesting shoe with all the great quality Adidas normally provides but the flap is killing me. Additionally, it comes in a few different color selections so you can try to match your school colors if wanted. The weight is 9.1oz and reviews are positive with the usual inconsistent notes with a price up to $169.

Track Spikes


Adizero HJ

Adidas Adizero HJ Flow.

My favorite shoe that comes in multiple colors. I like the no-strap look with laces visible. The weight is 8.5oz with a price tag around $70; what a steal for a simple, effective, sleek design!

Track Spikes


Adizero HJ Flow

Nike Zoom HJ Elite.

Another great shoe made by Nike with superior quality and durability. The price tag is around $125 and multiple colors are available. Its weight is a smidge heavy at 9.0oz. You can clearly see the masterful construction looking at the sole. One more thing, it has a huge strap.

Track Spikes


Nike Zoom HJ Elite

Nike Zoom HJ III.

Well, Nike nailed this shoe with quality and appearance. The strap is small and the shoe itself looks industrious like it’s made to get the job done. Its weight is 10.9oz and the price is $120 with multiple colors available.

Track Spikes


Nike Zoom HJ III

Saucony Uplift HJ 2.

An attention-grabbing shoe if you like lime-green and bright orange schematics with a wide strap. Even the sole looks cool on this shoe. The weight is 10oz and the price is awesome at around $70.

Track Spikes
Saucony Uplift HJ 2



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