Nike vs Adidas: which high jump spike is better….

nike vs adidas

Nike VS Adidas

Nike vs Adidas is a difficult choice for high jumpers because both brands are stellar. Both are recognized in many different sports internationally.

Nike vs Adidas - Decision Making
Nike vs Adidas – Decision Making

With high jumping, the shoes are critical for performance. The shoe must handle the stress of running the curve along with the pressure of the takeoff. Both activities happen with speed!

Regarding top high jump athletes, is Nike or Adidas the shoe of choice? Here’s the list of the top 2018 jumpers-to-date and which high jump shoes they use.


Mutaz Essa Barshim – Nike

Danil Lysenko – Nike

Ivan Ukhov – Nike

Bohdan Bondarenko – Adidas

Sylwester Bednarek – Nike

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Dzmitry Nabokau – Adidas

Erik Kynard – Nike

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Yu Wang – Nike

Embed from Getty Images

Donald Thomas – Nike

Embed from Getty Images

Bryan McBride – Nike


Mariya Lasitskene – Nike




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