The Men’s High Jump World Record Is How Old?

Javier Sotomayer, The Greatest High Jumper Of All-Time

The men’s high jump world record is how old? The men’s high jump world record was set on July 27, 1993 by the greatest high jumper of all time – Javier Sotomayor!

On October 13, 1967, Sotomayor was born in Limonar, Cuba. Sotomayor is the only man in the history of the world to high jump over 8′ (twice).

Sotomayor was first sent to a Cuban sports school as a prospective basketball player because of his height and at age 14, coaches made him a high jumper ( The world would see soon enough the switch from basketball created the most dominant high jumper in the history of the sport.

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Here is a list of some notable wins throughout Sotomayor’s career:

  • 1984 Friendship Games Champion
  • 1985 CAC Champion
  • 1986 CAC Junior Champion
  • 1986 Pan American Junior Champion
  • 1989 Universiade Champion
  • 1989 CAC Champion
  • 1989 IAAF World Indoor Champion
  • 1991 Pan American Games Champion
  • 1992 Olympic Champion
  • 1993 IAAF World Indoor Champion
  • 1993 Outdoor World Champion
  • 1995 Pan American Games Champion
  • 1995 IAAF World Indoor Champion
  • 1997 Outdoor World Champion
  • 1999 IAAF World Indoor Champion
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During Sotomayor’s dominating run, he set the high jump world record multiple times, most notably his first time over 2.44 meters (8′).

Then in 1993, Sotomayor bettered his world record by clearing the still standing 2.45 meters (8′ 1/2″).

Javier Sotomayor, world high jump record holder and the greatest of all time.


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