It’s Bending, Right?

A crucial part of the high jump approach is the curve or the end of the “J” approach. I get it, it’s easy to visualize why it’s bending, right?

Embed from Getty Images


The curve isn’t an easy element of the approach. For example, the curve has a distinct starting point and it has to be the same each time. It should be marked. The curve should also start with the same foot each and every time. The mark can be with tape or chalk but it can also be a counted footstep like Derek Drouin.

colored chalk
high jump chalk

Watch this ariel video of Drouin’s jump. You can see his marked starting point, his marked start of the straightaway, and his 6th step hitting the ground is the start of his curve.

It never changes without deliberation! Here’s another video. Watch which step the curve starts at?

It’s the same and it’s also marked with tape this time!

The start of the curve is important and should be marked for consistency so the jumper knows when it’s bending begins.


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