High Jump Approach Importance, most of the jump happens here….

High Jump Approach Importance, About 90%.

The high jump approach importance is almost everything. When you get the approach run right, 90% of the high jump work is complete.  While your hips clear the crossbar, know the effort came from the approach.  Furthermore, immediately upon feeling the high jump pit hit the back of your neck, notice the effort came from the approach. Finally, after you leap into the air in celebration, appreciate the effort came from the approach!

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High Jump Approach Importance Is Comparable To The Slingshot.

High Jump Approach Importance
Slingshot Diagram

Using a slingshot and understanding where its energy comes from is a good comparison to the high jump approach. Similar to high jumping, the slingshot energy happens before the projectile is launched.

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Like the slingshot, high jumpers perform a series of techniques prior to getting the desired result. I mean, seeing, planning, loading, and releasing all happen before the result. The result is the “shot” or the “jump”.

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Furthermore, here is a list comparing high jump and slingshot elements.

  1. The slingshot shooter sees the target. Additionally, the high jumper sees the crossbar.
  2. The slingshot shooter pulls the band back to create energy. Moreover, the high jumper approaches takeoff with speed to create energy.
  3. The slingshot shooter uses the arms to angle the energy release to hit the target. Also, the high jumper takes so many steps and angles the body for the takeoff spot.
  4. The slingshot shooter lets go to release the energy. Likewise, the high jumper blocks hard to release the energy.
  5. The slingshot shooter hits the target. The high jumper clears the crossbar too.
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High Jump Approach Importance Includes Projectile Directory Factors.

Namely, with missiles and bullets, a projectile is  “a body projected or impelled forward, as through the air”. By the same token, projectile directory factors are physical properties that affect the flight, path, or direction of the projectile. According to physics; gravity, air resistance, the speed of release, the angle of release, the height of release, and spin are the projectile directory factors.

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Here are the projectile directory factors and their relationship to the high jump approach elements.

  • Gravity. gravity isn’t changed by anything other than more mass.
  • Air Resistance is affected by approach speed, getting a rhythm, using great wheels.
  • The speed of Release is influenced by approach speed, getting a rhythm, using great wheels.
  • The angle of Release is transformed by approach speed, getting a rhythm, using great wheels, running tallpenultimate step, ultimate step, foot plant, leaning back, body position at foot plant.
  • The height of Release is related to the approach speed, getting a rhythm, using great wheels, running tall, penultimate step, ultimate step, foot plant, leaning back, body position at foot plant, leaning into the curve, dorsiflex, blocking, spin, starting the curve, leaning into the curve.

High Jump Approach Importance Is Sensitive.

Because there are many factors, the high jump approach is sensitive. In fact, if any of the projectile directory factors are lacking, the desired result will miss. Moreover, the slingshot shooter will miss the target. Equally, the high jumper will miss the height attempt.

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For example, failure to perform the factors might look like this. Imagine the slingshot shooter aiming at the ground and expecting to hit the target? Or if the shooter barely pulls the band back to hit a far-away target? They’ll miss badly.

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Similarly, high jumpers running slowly, not leaning through the curve, not blocking, or running an improper “J” will miss badly too.

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Successful Elements Of The High Jump Approach.

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A high jumper performing correct projectile directory factors related to his or her jump means success. In fact, I want to call the correct factors “successful elements of the high jump approach”.  With this in mind, here is what the successful elements of the high jump approach look like.

The Elements.

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In other words, when you master the elements, your odds of clearing the crossbar increase by 90%!

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