High Jump Curve Diagram

High Jump Curve Diagram

High Jump Curve Diagram – How to map it correctly

The high jump curve diagram provided below shows the measurements for the curve steps with varying stride lengths. These measurements allow for increasing foot-plant angles to the crossbar. In other words, the curve is like a tightening spiral at the end.

All of the measurements originate from the 5th step.

Let’s take the 3’9″-Stride” measurements and apply them.

Here is a diagram showing the measurements applied to a scale. They can easily be applied to the high jump apron as well.

Furthermore, the curve is designed to accommodate the following foot-plant change angles to the crossbar.

High Jump Curve Diagram

This curve will generate centripetal force when run correctly and help high jumpers rotate their lower body’s correctly over the bar.

It’s not a “set-in-stone” diagram as many jumpers have unique curves. The fundamentals of this curve, however, will help jumpers go higher!


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