J Approach: “J” doesn’t always mean jump….

The J Approach Uses A “J” Shape. The high jump approach accumulates energy in order to move momentum upward. Additionally, the shape of the approach is important because physics says the shape contributes to lift. The shape of the approach is called the J approach because it looks like a…

nike vs adidas

Nike vs Adidas: which high jump spike is better….

Nike VS Adidas. Nike vs Adidas is a difficult choice for high jumpers because both brands are stellar. Both are recognized in many different sports internationally. 

Track Spikes

Track Spikes: shoes that help you jump higher….

Track Spikes: Which Shoe Is Your Favorite? ASICS Men’s High Jump Pro. This shoe looks like the real deal. Furthermore, I like how it has a small, thin, strap over the laces. So many track spikes these days have the big floppy strap. A big strap looks like more fabric…