High Jump Technique and Training – high jump components, drills, training plans….

High Jump Technique High Jump Technique. The Approach To keep the approach simple we will discuss it as having 5 steps on the straight and 5 on the curve including the penultimate and takeoff steps. Most athletes will take their first step with the same leg they takeoff with. The…

Kwamere White – 2nd yr high jumper already 11″ over his head….

Kwamere White Kwamere White. In just his second track season, Henninger junior Kwamere White is already turning in some state-worthy performances. White won the high jump at Saturday’s Oscar Jensen Holiday Relays at Onondaga Community College’s SRC Arena with an effort of 6 feet, 8 inches – a state-best for that event early in this indoor…

High Jump Drills: Black White Human Breast Man Water

High Jump Drills – Part 1: the building blocks of success….

High Jump Approach Development – Cliff Rovelto says “the approach is the most important aspect”….

High Jump Approach Development. Cliff Rovelto explains the parts of the high jump approach and how they help its improvement. Furthermore, each part illustrates how the approach benefits.  

Jeremiah Ganaway – basketball star and high jump phenom….

Jeremiah Ganaway Some things just come naturally to folks. Just ask Weatherford College freshman guard Jeremiah Ganaway. While Ganaway chose to play basketball in college, he is a North Carolina high school state champion in track – high jump, to be exact. And Ganaway had never participated in the sport…

Charles Austin – high school coach wouldn’t let him on the team….

Charles Austin So I’m sure you’ve asked yourself… how can I high jump higher? Well, I’ve got something special that will help you do just that. An interview with Charles Austin. If you don’t know, Charles is the U.S. And Olympic record holder in the high jump. He set the Olympic…

Kajsa Bergqvist World Record – the one nobody talks about….

Kajsa Bergqvist World Record Sweden’s Kajsa Bergqvist world record happened in Arnstadt, Germany. She leaped 2.08m, breaking a previous mark that had stood for 14 years.   The previous record was held by Germany’s Heike Henkel from 1992. Bergqvist’s new mark has only ever been beaten once before, outdoors, by Bulgaria’s Stefka…

High Jump Penultimate Step – misunderstood and argued about….

What is controversial and misunderstood by high jumpers and coaches?  The high jump penultimate step of course! Coaches see the second-to-last step differently and have different opinions about its purpose.

Arizona’s KARLA TERAN high jumping from Mexico to Arizona….

Arizona’s KARLA TERAN Arizona’s KARLA TERAN is a sophomore high jumper from Nogales, Sonora. She emerged as one of the Wildcats’ most talented performers as a true freshman. Before she came to Arizona, Teran graduated from Colegio de Bachilleres del Estado de Sonora and competed for Team Mexico’s Track and…

Myles Pringle can jump, and run…..

Myles Pringle There’s no telling where Myles Pringle’s feet will take him. They’ve already taken him to some remarkable places. Places like the USA Track and Field Outdoor Championships, where Pringle placed eighth in the 400 meters. As a matter of fact, Pringle wasn’t sure if he would even continue…

Brume Breaks Record – the African long jump record falls….

Brume Breaks Record Brume Breaks Record. African champion, Ese Brume, sets new record in the Long Jump at the National Sports Festival in Abuja. Brume, leaped 6.62m to claim gold and also erase the record of 6:39m held by Chinedu Udozor. Brume said she was happy to win gold for her…

High Jumpers Big Arms – high school high jumpers use their arms too much….

High Jumpers Big Arms The takeoff is where the fun begins for a high jumper. Granted, if the jumper’s approach wasn’t right, the fun won’t last long. But good takeoff technique remains important. High jump coach and 6-time All-American jumper Holly Thompson offered her advice on takeoff mechanics at the…

Highest High Jumps 2018 – Barshim, Lysenko, Nabokau, and Starc….

Highest High Jumps 2018. Barshim and his incredible high jump approach is the best in the world again in 2018. Lysenko is not competing because of a suspension. Nabokau is loving life with his success.

Angel Beats Old Record of 3

Angel P. Devasia has been making rapid progress in high jump.   –  K.RAGESH Angel P. Devasia took to sports late, but she is more than making up for that with consistent results. The 23-year-old high-jumper was adjudged the best female athlete at the 50th Calicut University inter-collegiate athletics championship, which concluded here on…

Tech Analyst High Jumper – Matt McCubbins is both….

At any given moment, there are numerous prestigious athletes present on Notre Dame’s campus. With currently elite programs — football, women’s and men’s basketball, fencing, hockey, lacrosse, etc. — and a historic repertoire of athletic excellence, Notre Dame has built a reputation for producing strong competitors. However, there are plenty…

visual imagery

High Jump Visual Imagery – It’s in your mind first….

High Jump Visual Imagery Is In Your Mind First! Before moving into the waggle, you must use high jump visual imagery and see the jump. To envision means to picture mentally, especially some future event or events. geralt / Pixabay High jumpers see the jump in their mind first. They imagine all aspects of the jump.   They see the…

High Jump Approach Importance, most of the jump happens here….

Most Of The High Jump Is The Approach Run The high jump approach is approximately 90% of the high jump. Almost all of what a high jumper needs to do to clear the bar happens in the approach. Once a jumper is air-born, they become a projectile and there is little to do to change […]

High Jump Curve

High Jump Curve: dangerous, exciting, and under-rated….

High Jump Takeoff J Approach

High Jump Takeoff – time to fly….

High Jump Takeoff – The Jumper Must Jump! When does a high jumper realize if the jump will be successful? High jump takeoff is when a high jumper knows the truth. Furthermore, takeoff is time for blast off and the culmination of everything the jumper did in the approach will soon…

High Jump Run-Up – great “wheels” keep on churning….

High Jump Run-Up: High Jump Basics. With track and field high jump, a type of running form is necessary to deliver results in the high jump run-up. The running form is a high jump technique and should be part of high jump practice.

High Jump Waggle

High Jump Waggle – where a high jumper relaxes….

High Jump Waggle Momentum Starts Before The Approach. Every jumper goes through a funny high jump waggle or pre-movement to start the approach. This happens after the jumper sees the jump. It also happens before the jumper begins the straightaway part of the J approach.

rhythm dancing

High Jump Rhythm – the language of flight….

High Jump Rhythm – Just Like Dancing. The music starts with the audience in the form of hand claps. The dancer is the athlete who morphs his or her shoes, legs, hips, and body into the desired gyrations on the approach runway.  The gyrations are high jump rhythm approach running.…


J Approach: “J” doesn’t always mean jump….

The J Approach Uses A “J” Shape. The high jump approach accumulates energy in order to move momentum upward. Additionally, the shape of the approach is important because physics says the shape contributes to lift. The shape of the approach is called the J approach because it looks like a…

Stefka Kostadinova

Stefka Kostadinova Who? Don’t forget about the reigning women’s high jump record holder….

Stefka Kostadinova, Women’s High Jump World Record Holder For 33 Years. Stefka Kostadinova changed the women’s high jump because she dominated the competitions. Furthermore, Kostadinova came from a country that already had a world record holder. The other world record holder’s name is Lyudmila Andonova.

High Jump World Record - Sotomayor

The High Jump World Record Is How Old? Javier Sotomayor still holds the record….

Javier Sotomayor, The Best High Jumper In The World. Imagine investing your life into working out in order to chase the high jump world record. Year-after-year, you practice. Weightlifting. Coaching. Running. Sweat and pain. Day-after-day until you become a master.

Valery Brumel

Brumel, Valery: High Jumper Spotlight – the godfather of the straddle….

Brumel: Godfather Of The Straddle Technique Valery Brumel captivated even the enemies of his native country, the dreaded Soviet Union. My family, for example, celebrated American independence and liberty heroicly. But my father always talked about the battles between John Thomas and Brumel passionately and even celebrated Brumel.

Fosbury Flop

Fosbury Flop: how to manuever in the air….

IAAF: Mutaz Barshim

Mutaz Essa Barshim nearly gets the world record….

Mutaz Essa Barshim Comes Close To Breaking The High Jump World Record. The men’s outdoor high jump world record nearly falls. Mutaz Essa Barshim barely clipped his first attempt at 2.46 meters on July 2 in Hungary.

Vladimir Yashchenko

The High Jump Record will be broken soon….

Vladimir Yashchenko Proved The High Jump Record Should Be Higher. Most high jump experts believe the high jump record is unbreakable. After all, it’s stood firm since 1993, 25 years ago. Javier Sotomayor set the seemingly unattainable high jump record of 8’½” (2.45m) in Spain.

IAAF Athletics: Is Mariya Lasitskene Still Dominant?

IAAF Athletics: top women high jumpers to date….

IAAF Athletics – Is Mariya Lasitskene still Dominant? Is Mariya Lasitskene still dominant in the IAAF athletics high jump? Well, she’s #1 again and far ahead of second place so YES, Mariya Lasitskene reigns supreme as always! I think it’s because she runs the curve better than her competitors.

IAAF: Mutaz Barshim

IAAF: top men high jumpers to date….

IAAF – How High Did Barshim Go This Time? Mutaz Essa Barshim clears 2.40m again in IAAF competition. He nearly broke the world record as well. 

nike vs adidas

Nike vs Adidas: which high jump spike is better….

Nike VS Adidas. Nike vs Adidas is a difficult choice for high jumpers because both brands are stellar. Both are recognized in many different sports internationally.