High Jump Waggle

High Jump Waggle – where a high jumper relaxes….

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High Jump Curve

Boo Schexnayder says nearly all high jump bar-sitters flatten out their approach curve….

Boo Schexnayder Boo Schexnayder. In the high jump, nearly all faults can be traced back to the approach, particularly the curve and how well the integrity of the curve is maintained until takeoff.

High Jump Drills: Black White Human Breast Man Water

High Jump Drills – Part 1: the building blocks of success….

A list of high jump drills that help a jumper improve his and her high jump technique.

High Jump Approach Development – Cliff Rovelto says “the approach is the most important aspect”….

High Jump Approach Development. Cliff Rovelto explains the parts of the high jump approach and how they help its improvement. Furthermore, each part illustrates how the approach benefits.  

High Jump Penultimate Step – misunderstood and argued about….

What is controversial and misunderstood by high jumpers and coaches?  The high jump penultimate step of course! Coaches see the second-to-last step differently and have different opinions about its purpose.

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High Jump Approach Importance, most of the jump happens here….

Most Of The High Jump Is The Approach Run The high jump approach is approximately 90% of the high jump. Almost all of what a high jumper needs to do to clear the bar happens in the approach. Once a jumper is air-born, they become a projectile and there is little to do to change […]

High Jump Takeoff J Approach
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Fosbury Flop

Fosbury Flop – how to manuever in the air….

High jump technique after liftoff is 10% of the jump and the flight determines your success.

High Jump Approach Development
How To Run
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