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High Jump Approach Importance

Most Of The High Jump Is The Approach Run The high jump approach is approximately 90% of the high jump. Almost all of what a high jumper needs to do to clear the bar happens in the approach. Once a jumper is air-born, they become a projectile and there is little to do to change […]

Fosbury Flop
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Fosbury Flop: How To Maneuver In The Air

High jump technique after liftoff is 10% of the jump and the flight determines your success.

High Jump Takeoff Diagram
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High Jump Takeoff

The Jumper Must Jump! When does a high jumper realize if the jump will be successful?Β High jump takeoff is when a high jumper knows the truth. Takeoff is time for blast off and the culmination of everything the jumper did in the approach will soon be realized during the launch. The flight will go up … Continue reading

Penultimate Step For High Jump
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Penultimate Step

The Mysterious Penultimate Step. What could be controversial, argued, and still misunderstood in high jump technique and high jump coaching? The penultimate step of course! Coaches see the step differently and often, have different opinions about the second-to-last step's purpose. Penultimate Step Definition. The penultimate step or penultimate stride is the second to last step … Continue reading

blanka vlasic
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High Jump: Running The Curve

running the high jump approach curve correctly

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Highjump: β€œJ” Doesn’t Always Mean Jump

"J" doesn't mean jump, in this case, it stands for the β€œJ” approach and it’s critical to the success of the jump. The approach isn’t a real β€œJ” but rather a β€œJ” with half of the curved part. Unfortunately, many jumpers think of the whole curved part of the β€œJ” and end up too parallel … Continue reading

High Jump Technique
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High Jump Technique: Great β€œWheels” Keep On Turning

High Jump Technique: Imagine Peddling A Bicycle "Great 'wheels' keep on turning" is an acronym for the correct running style and high jump technique. Great β€œwheels” means to run with high knees and to also bring the foot near the butt when following through with the stride; it's a bit like peddling a bicycle. The … Continue reading

How To Run
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How To Run: Taller Is Better!

Shoulders Up, Chin Up, Alert, Like A Gazelle Taller is better because most of the high jump approach should be run in a tall position! Some jumpers will start out leaning forward a bit and some will start out running tall, either is ok so long as the jumper is running tall by the middle … Continue reading

happy high jumper
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Proper Running Form: Happiness Is Rhythm And Harmony

Keep The Approach Smooth And Consistent A jumper's approach speed should have rhythm, increase slightly, and be in perfect control. Happiness is rhythm and harmony and high jump PRs! Keep The Running Style Smooth The jumpers rhythm should increase gradually and smoothly. Too often I see jumpers running like a gazelle correctly, down the straightaway. … Continue reading

rhythm dancing
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Rhythm – The Language of High Jumping

Just Like Dancing The music starts with the audience in the form of hand claps and the dancer is the athlete who morphs his or her shoes, legs, hips, and body into the desired gyrations on the approach runway.Β  The gyrations are high jump approach running and it's critical for the athlete to get the … Continue reading