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High Jump Approach Importance

Most Of The High Jump Is The Approach Run The high jump approach is approximately 90% of the high jump. Almost all of what a high jumper needs to do to clear the bar happens in the approach. Once a jumper is air-born, they become a projectile and there is little to do to change […]

Valery Brumel
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Brumel, Valery: High Jumper Spotlight

Brumel: Godfather Of The Straddle Technique Valery Brumel captivated even the enemies of his native country, the dreaded Soviet Union. My family, for example, celebrated American independence and liberty heroicly. But my father always talked about the battles between John Thomas and Brumel passionately and even celebrated Brumel. "Who was this Brumel character", I wondered … Continue reading

Vladimir Yashchenko
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The High Jump Record Will Be Broken

Vladimir Yashchenko Proved The High Jump Record Should Be Higher Most high jump experts believe the high jump record is unbreakable. After all, it's stood firm since 1993, 25 years ago. Javier Sotomayor set the seemingly unattainable high jump record of 8'½" (2.45m) in Spain. Who's Come CloseTo Breaking The High Jump Record? Mutaz Essa Barshim came … Continue reading

Coach USA:The Greatest Coach Around
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Coach USA:The Greatest Coach Around

Cliff Rovelto Coach USA: Cliff Rovelto. Regarding the high jump, Cliff Rovelto may be the greatest coach around. Prestige Coach Rovelto is a Director and Head Coach at Kansas State University today and has coached multiple NCAA champions and Olympic medalists. Here is his bio from http://www.kstatesports.com/staff.aspx?staff=202: Director of Cross Country and Track and Field … Continue reading

track shoes
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Track Spikes: Shoes That Make You Jump Higher

Track Spikes: Which Shoe Is Your Favorite? ASICS Men's High Jump Pro This shoe looks like the real deal. I like how it has a small, thin, strap over the laces. So many track spikes these days have the big floppy strap and a big strap looks like more fabric to get over the bar. … Continue reading

Dave Wottle Come from Behind Win
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Dave Wottle: From Last To First!

A Hero Story Inspirational athlete Dave Wottle goes from last to first and a competitor tries to dive over the finish line! Here's the actual amazing race!