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  • A Good Plan Violently Executed Now Is Better Than A Perfect Plan Executed Next Week ….. George S. Patton

    Imagine a football head coach’s game plan for an upcoming game. The head coach identifies what the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses are as well as their own team’s strengths and weaknesses. The head coach imagines what certain scenarios would look… Read More ›

  • How to Listen Like a Leader ….. Leadership Freak

    Listening like a leader enables you to make the world about others. An outward mindset precedes leadership. Get started: Take out a pen and paper. Write your responses to the questions that follow. Writing is thinking. Record the reason you… Read More ›

  • Which Leadership Style Are You ….. Journey To Leadership

    Leadership style refers to the way that the leader interacts with his or her subordinates, influences their behavior, motivates them, makes decisions for them and for the organization. A specific leadership style can deeply influence the quality of work, the… Read More ›

  • You Can Find Peace Amidst The Storms That Threaten You ….. Joseph B. Wirthlin

    Think of a manager sitting in a chair at a desk, working if you will; planning. In the background a tornado touches down and approaches the manager. The tornado churns up earth, unleashes monster growls, and spits hail at the… Read More ›

  • Every Man Is Guilty Of All The Good He Did Not Do ….. Voltaire

    We’ve all seen different types of leaders.  There are leaders who yell often and have poor emotional control. There are leaders who threaten consequences and intimidate often. There are leaders who are just there and really do nothing at all…. Read More ›

  • Speak Softly And Carry A Big Stick ….. Theodore Roosevelt

    Leadership is known by many names – directorship, control, governorship, stewardship, hegemony, authoritativeness, influence, command, effectiveness, sway, and clout. Regardless of the many names, leadership is simply one person or persons influencing another person or persons. But why, why and… Read More ›

  • Ambition Is Not A Vice Of Little People ….. Michel Eyquem De Montaigne

    How does a manager or leader accomplish results? Can they flippantly say they want something and it magically happens? No manager or leader or boss that I know has ever had this type of power. There are different types of… Read More ›