High Jump Takeoff: Time For Flight

High Jump Takeoff – The Jumper Must Jump! When does a high jumper realize if the jump will be successful? High jump takeoff is when a high jumper knows the truth. Furthermore, takeoff is time for blast off and the culmination of everything the jumper did in the approach will soon Continue Reading


High Jump Curve: Difficult And Critical

High Jump Run Up: Great “Wheels” Keep On Turning

High Jump Run Up: Imagine Peddling A Bicycle. “Great ‘wheels’ keep on turning” is an acronym. It stands for the correct running style used in the high jump run up.   Great “wheels” is a high jump technique for beginners because it’s one of the basic skills in high jump. Great Continue Reading

High Jump Waggle

High Jump Waggle Momentum Starts Before The Approach. Every jumper goes through a funny high jump waggle or pre-movement to start the approach. This happens after the jumper sees the jump. It also happens before the jumper begins the straightaway part of the J approach. The pre-movement is the same as Continue Reading

High Jump Rhythm – The Language of Flight

High Jump Rhythm – Just Like Dancing. The music starts with the audience in the form of hand claps. The dancer is the athlete who morphs his or her shoes, legs, hips, and body into the desired gyrations on the approach runway.  The gyrations are high jump rhythm approach running. Continue Reading

J Approach: “J” Doesn’t Always Mean Jump

The J Approach Uses A “J” Shape. The high jump approach accumulates energy in order to move momentum upward. Additionally, the shape of the approach is important because physics says the shape contributes to lift. The shape of the approach is called the J approach because it looks like a Continue Reading

Stefka Kostadinova Who?

Stefka Kostadinova, Women’s High Jump World Record Holder For 33 Years. Stefka Kostadinova changed the women’s high jump because she dominated the competitions. Furthermore, Kostadinova came from a country that already had a world record holder. The other world record holder’s name is Lyudmila Andonova. The country is Bulgaria and this Continue Reading

Penultimate Step

The High Jump World Record Is How Old?

Javier Sotomayor, The Best High Jumper In The World. Imagine investing your life into working out in order to chase the high jump world record. Year-after-year, you practice. Weightlifting. Coaching. Running. Sweat and pain. Day-after-day until you become a master. Embed from Getty Images Your country loves you. You’re an Continue Reading

High Jump Approach Importance

Most Of The High Jump Is The Approach Run The high jump approach is approximately 90% of the high jump. Almost all of what a high jumper needs to do to clear the bar happens in the approach. Once a jumper is air-born, they become a projectile and there is little to do to change […]