Profile / Travis Bishop
Profile / Travis Bishop

Profile for Travis Bishop, the author.  Travis, notably, is a former collegiate track and field high jumper. He is a high jump coach, organizational manager, leader, and motivator as well.  He is also an analyst here celebrating the great sport of track and field and the high jump.

Growing up in rural America, Travis enjoyed sports year-round because of his love of competition. Additionally, his talent enabled him to become a champion at a young age. 

Travis earned many awards and championships and practiced the straddle technique throughout his younger competition days. He was the only straddler of the time. Finally, finishing his career as a collegiate Fosbury Flop guru.
Previously, Travis honed his motivational skills as a developed corporate manager. He managed thousands of employees and accounted for millions, fiscally.

Besides owning an M.B.A., Travis is a master observer, leader, and motivator with keen knowledge about high jump and track & field mechanics. His influential skills make him a dynamic coach, illustrator, author, and developer to those seeking knowledge in the events.

Standing strong in the belief and philosophy that life is about helping others achieve and learn more. Travis’ favorite quote and words to live by are:

“What Can I Do For You!”