When We Blame, We Give Away Our Power ….. Greg Anderson

Leading, management philosophy

When a company fails to deliver the brand, it’s often times not the fault of the employees! That’s right, the employees who screwed up your experience are not to blame…..most times.

It’s like an automobile. The automobile represents the “brand”. Like an automobile with many moving parts, the “brand” also has many moving parts.


The tires represent the service department. They go where they are pointed. Tires used for long stretches develop nicks and dings and could have a blow-out, just like service employees. New tires or well-maintained tires look good and hug the road. The tires perform better, just like service employees.


The engine represents the production team. How the engine goes determines how fast the “tires” go. Maybe the engine parts are old, worn, or poorly maintained, like some employees, spinning the “tires” slowly. The engine could also have unauthorized parts causing it to slow down, like some employees who are unqualified to perform the role.


The steering wheel/driver of the automobile makes the automobile travel in certain directions, like the coordinator of the brand who determines the timing between production and service. Sometimes the steering wheel/driver takes the automobile off-road, launching it airborne, landing, and jarring all the moving parts loose when it lands. This happens in the “brand” as well, causing stress and duress in the team.